Accommodation in Italy: Alternatives to Hotels

In recent decades, Italy has seen the spread of different types of accommodation facilities that are proposed as valid alternatives to hotels, and which we go to give a quick description. Article by

Outside the big cities and towns, the Agriturismi have taken root. These are structures that in principle aim to bring guests closer to nature by providing not only rooms to sleep, but often involving its customers in the typical activities of country homes (growing, caring for animals, cutting wood, etc.). A particular feature that characterizes this type of activity is also the production and sale of its own products and the promotion of the rediscovery of the genuine flavors of the past.

Less focused on nature, but often family-run as the previous ones, are instead the Bed And Breakfast (B & B). Here the customer goes, if you can say so, to the house of the host. In fact, the peculiarity of these structures consists in the fact that they provide rooms in the same structure where the owners and managers reside. As you can well guess from the name, the service is completed by the provision of breakfast.

Recently, hotels by the hour have become established, especially in large cities. In particular in Rome these structures have spread very quickly. To realize this, just Google “Hotel a ore Roma”.

A little ‘different speech as regards the room rentals. We can roughly define them as a middle ground between a B&B and a hotel. They have in fact in common with the B & B the absence of a fixed reception at which to leave the keys of the room each time you leave the structure to go around, and have in common with the hotels the owners do not have to reside within the structure.

Finally, we mention the hostels: present in many large cities, often host a large number of people, generating young people, who in order not to spend too much sacrifice part of their privacy. In fact, inside the hostels there are no reserved rooms but we often sleep in large spaces shared by people from different backgrounds. In addition to saving money have as an advantage a greater possibility of socialization between guests often from all over the world.

So as you can see there is something for everyone, and those who are determined to make a trip to Italy is spoiled for choice.

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