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One of the most beautiful areas of Sardinia is certainly the north-east, characterized by clear blue water and carved rocks that plunge into the sea. The heart of this area is Palau, set like a jewel in a cove, overlooking the archipelago of La Maddalena, next to the famous and exclusive Costa Smeralda. This is definitely the best place to stay and from which to explore the surroundings. The most convenient port of arrival to visit the north-east of Sardinia is definitely Olbia. Here, ferries arrive daily from the peninsula, there are Grimaldi ferries from Livorno to Olbia, from Civitavecchia and from all the main ports of the Italian coast.

What To See In The Area Around Olbia

Sardinia is rich in priceless testimonies of the past scattered throughout the region, some of which are also in the area of Olbia and Palau. Here the sites to visit are, for example, the nuraghe of Luchia, put in control of the mouths of Bonifacio on the sea, and the tombs of the giants of Sajacciu and Li Mizzani, near the church of S. Giorgio. Historical elements always very interesting are the military battery of Talamone and the fortress that is located on Mount Altura, dominating access from the sea. Near Santa Teresa Gallura there are also the nuraghi of Lu Brandali and Sa Testa. In the area were found many archaeological finds from the past, which are now collected and kept in the Archaeological Museum of Olbia.

The Beauties Around Olbia: Palau

The town of Palau is particularly appreciated by lovers of diving and snorkeling because its backdrops are certainly among the most beautiful in Sardinia. Between wrecks of different ages and corals move, in fact, fish and crustaceans of various colors and sizes. Its coasts, alternated with granite and sandy stretches, are marvellous and suggestive. One of the most famous beaches is Sciumara. This resort, in addition to having beautiful beaches, has much to offer even as a town, is, in fact, rich in points of interest and very lively, even in the evening, so it is perfect as a starting point. In front of Palau there is the Maddalena National Park, with beauties of inestimable value absolutely to see, such as Capresa, Spargi, Budelli, Santo Stefano, Santa Maria, Razzoli.

Santa Teresa Gallura

In addition to Palau, in this area you should not miss Santa Teresa Gallura, a place surrounded by nature of an amazing beauty. Here you will find the famous Isola dei Gabbiani, a peninsula surrounded by a sea of bright colors, Cala Sambuco, Cala Balcaccia and Cala Luna. In front of this place there are the beaches of Arenaria and Porto Pollo, where there is always a breeze that makes it a favorite destination for lovers of water sports, such as windsurfing, kyte, funboarder. The village of Santa Teresa Gallura is beautiful and walking through its streets seems to go back in time. The tower of Longosardo, stands imposingly framed by romantic views. Near this centre we must not forget to visit the church of Buoncammino and the ruins of Batteria Ferrero.

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