Getting Around on Two Wheels: Touring Greece

Summer is just around the corner: what could be better than a two-wheeled tour of Greece to enjoy the pleasure of travelling and the beauty of the landscape?

Sea, paradisiacal beaches and sites of archaeological interest: Greece lends itself well to an unforgettable motorbike trip. What we propose is a tour on board the motorbike to discover the natural beauty and fun at a stone’s throw from Italy.

Choosing Greece as a summer holiday destination is certainly a winning choice that we would recommend: cheap and easily accessible by the many ferries departing from the Adriatic coast, this land will conquer you with its crystal clear waters, artistic beauty and gastronomic pleasures.

Let’s review some simple best practices to enjoy a motorcycle ride in the lands of classical Greece and the Peloponnese.

Before departure – In any trip that respects the planning of the route and the organization of the necessary are essential practices. In this case you will not need too many tasks: the accommodation facilities in Greece are varied and this territory is well suited to be visited and crossed on board a two-wheeler.

To ensure the success of the trip will be enough: a motorcycle in good condition and a discreet planning of the route to be taken. In the first case we suggest a thorough overhaul of the vehicle to be carried out in advance before departure.

A small breakdown of the components could compromise the success of the holiday: better then move in time and replace the motorcycle accessories before driving for several miles. We also remind you that it is advisable to bring with you a tyre repair kit, a rain suit and the appropriate travel documents including the green card. Here are a few must-see destinations:

Patras – To reach Greece you can embark from many Italian cities, we suggest you book and buy tickets in time for the ferry from Bari, Brindisi, Ancora, Ravenna, Trieste and Venice. There are many companies covering this route, but it is a very popular destination for the hot season: it is better to move in time. Once in Patras you can enjoy the multitude of people and locals and start to enjoy the typical Greek cuisine with a pita gyros and a moussaka.

Athens and Olympia – These are two of Greece’s landmarks. In Athens you can’t miss to visit the National Archaeological Museum, the Acropolis and the Panathenaic stadium where the first Olympics took place. If you are an art lover, we recommend that you go to the ancient archaeological site of Olympia where you can visit the impressive Temple erected in honor of Zeus.

Kalamata – At this point we recommend driving to the beautiful city of Kalamata located in the extreme south of the Peloponnese. Located in the Gulf of Messinia, the city is known for the rich production of black olives, in this regard was designed for motorcyclists the Strata degli Ulivi: a path to discover ancient and modern technologies for the collection and processing of olives to the mills for the production of oil.

Elafonissos – After visiting the landmarks and historical and artistic beauties of Greece, it is time to enjoy some relaxation along the beautiful beaches of the island of Elafonissos. It takes a few hours to get to the south but the beauty of the landscape and the white beaches will pay for the effort.

Delphi and Kalamb├íka – As the last destinations of the tour we recommend a stop in Delphi where we find the Archaeological Museum among the most famous in the country and finally the town of Kalamb├íka, which is about 190 km. Here you can visit the Monasteries of Meteora.

At this point you can continue for the last 100 km and embark in comfort with the bike from the port of Igoumenitsa.

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