Holiday Homes In Pescoluse: Choose In Time And Save Money

Salento, we know by now, is a popular holiday destination, and the more you go down to the “tip”, the greater the influx of tourists who flock every year in these areas to enjoy the famous sea, sun and beaches of Salento. Over the years, Salento has become a recognizable destination and so have diversified the offers of accommodation, from hotels, Bed & Breakfast and so on. Choosing is not easy and it is even less easy to find a place and save, so it is important to start searching immediately.

One of the most popular destinations for tourists who come to Salento is Pescoluse, known as the Maldives of Salento is famous for its long beaches of fine sand. Finding a place in a hotel is a difficult task, as it is for the many holiday homes in Pescoluse that are sold out every year.

But How Do You Choose A Good Holiday Home In Pescoluse?

Our first advice is to start your search immediately, that is to say at Christmas time. It may seem anachronistic and well in advance, but most of the rental agencies close the agreements with the owners in this period, so it is in this period that you will have not only the maximum choice, but also a much better price.

Also, and not to be underestimated, you will have the choice of apartments very close to the sea, or with the best services such as parking. Do not forget that Pescoluse is a small marina that does not have much space, or ample parking. Choosing a holiday home in Pescoluse in advance allows you to choose the best proposals and also to bargain on the price.

Let’s see for example some numbers:

  1. In the high season, that is in the week of August and following, the weekly prices of a three-room apartment can reach even 1200 €. Apartment located about 50 meters from the main beach.
  2. In the weeks of late July we have another boom with prices that touch even 900 € per week for the same type.

Obviously, the further away from the beach you go, the lower the rates fall, but at the expense of comfort, because in summer taking a car in Pescoluse is suicidal and especially if you have children choose a holiday home in Pescoluse near the sea can make a difference.

What Can Be An Optimal Price?

Unfortunately there is no single answer, because the rates are usually “generated” in the first months of the new year, but in general, as mentioned before, an excellent rate varies on the thousand euros for a three-room apartment near the beach, while it also drops by 40% with a distance of about 700/800 meters.

So be very careful to choose your holiday home in Pescoluse in advance and, why not, with an eye on your wallet.

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