Palermo, a Mini Guide for Young People

Palermo has been for many years a favorite destination for European tourists, in recent years we have seen an increase in young visitors aged between 20 and 30 years. The city attracts more and more young people, especially university students who use the European Erasmus programs to spend a period ranging from 3 to 6 months at the University of Palermo.

This is one of the main reasons why Palermo is filled with young people, the word of mouth of university students who, once back home, have told their positive experiences in this beautiful city. This mechanism has given rise to a process of repopulation of the city by clubs and meeting places frequented by young people. For example, there are many places that offer live music of quality and for all tastes. A chain system has been created that has “rejuvenated” and repopulated the city, fuelling a cultural activism that had not been seen for a long time in Sicily.

With this article we give you some suggestions and guidelines on what you can do in Palermo if you are a young visitor.

Here are Some Tips

Find an accommodation in the center. This aspect is very important to be able to move on foot or by public transport. For a short holiday you can book a b & b in Palermo center, but if you think to stay more than two weeks then it is the case to find some holiday homes in the center. Usually the b&b offer services and rooms with an excellent relationship between quality and price, in any case do not be afraid to contact more facilities to get more quotes and compare them.

Visit BallarĂ², the district where during the day there is the old popular market, in the evening the premises open like mushrooms and is invaded by young people. You can drink excellent local wine and enjoy delicious street food at low prices. The alleys and small squares crowded in this neighborhood are a surprise for the same Palermo, at every corner there is live music. You will also find numerous interventions of street artists.

Go to Vucciria, literally translated from Sicilian means “confusion”, even this, by day and night popular market place where young people go in the second evening to walk from a place to another ‘up to the small square. Here every weekend there are concerts of groups that are part of the local underground scene. Also in Vucciria there are numerous artistic testimonies, not only palaces etc… but works of national and international street artists.

The Candelai, is a street not far from Vucciria, are located here too, but in a couple of these often perform singers and groups of the alternative and independent scene known nationally and internationally. There are historic venues, which represent an important part of the city because they have participated in the process of growth and strengthening of the underground scene and subcultures.

Piazza Magione. If you are in Palermo in summer you can’t not go there! Without a doubt it is one of the most crowded places in the city. It’s a big square where the green of the grass replaces the grey of the cement. Usually it is used for events and concerts but even in unorganized evenings is full of people. It’s a great place to drink in company and meet new people.

Go to Mondello, the beach most loved by Palermo and also by tourists. The color of the water and the fineness of the sand characterize this stretch of coast. In summer the sporting events have a large following, for example a few days stages is played the European championship of windsurfing. These events attract young people from all over Europe because it is also a great place to practice various water sports.

These are the places frequented by most of the young people of Palermo and by young foreigners who come on holiday. They are those who perhaps best represent this magnificent city, full of artistic and cultural vitality, which is well suited to the needs of young people who love music, sport, art, nature and culture in general.

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