Travel and Holidays in Madagascar

Madagascar, the fourth largest island in the world is home to many different species of plants and animals, which have evolved into isolation since a very long time.  Its volcanoes, green natural landscapes and nature reserves make a visit to this island a real pleasure. Madagascar tourist destinations include places like Antananarivo, Perinet, Mantasoa and Nossi Be.

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The city of Antananarivo has a French charm to it. The French is widely spoken here and, road signs and the shop are all in French. In this city you will find Botanical Garden, Zoological Garden, Palace of the Queen and Zoma Market. Antseranana is a cosmopolitan sea port and used to be known as Diego Suarez before. Here you will find waterfalls, flora, lemurs, crocodiles, orchids, caves and many more. Madagascar tourist destinations offer wide variety of attractions to its visitors.

Ambohimanga has many names, such as Forbidden City, Holy City and Blue City. This city has preserved many structures from the Merina dynasty era and is also known as its birthplace. The large and majestic Cathedral gate displays the architectural beauty and design of the ancient kingdom. Mahajanga is located in Betsikoba mouth (one of the largest rivers in Madagascar). Tsingy de Bemaraha Strict Nature Reserve covers 152,000 hectares and has many lakes, mangrove swamps and undisturbed forests. It also has many varieties of endangered and rare species of birds and lemurs. Those who like to visit nature reserves can take a tour of tourist destinations such as Madagascar.

Andasibe also known as Antsirabe is an industrial city surrounded by volcanic hills. This place is also home to Tsiafajovona which is the second highest peak on the island. Perinet is a place that is visited by many nature lovers. It is known for its rare creatures, nature reserves and different species of orchids. If you are with your family then you can visit Ampefy known for its geysers and waterfalls. The Central Highlands is home to Ravine Mountains and magical landscapes ranging from the north to the center of Madagascar.

Madagascar cuisine is influenced by Chinese, European, Indian, Southeast Asian and African migrants. The cuisines of Madagascar are not too spicy. They are flavorsome, simply prepared and rice is the part of every meal. Ranonapango is served with dinner, it is basically a traditional drink that is made by burning rice. Madagascar meal consists of less meat, lots of fresh fruit, vegetables, beans and cereals. Zebu steak or Zebu beef stew is popular dish here. A variety of pancakes and desserts are collectively known as mofo, which means bread. Mofo Gasy is made from battered sweetened rice flour that is poured into greased circular moulds and then cooked over the embers. Destination Madagascar will provide you with unique and exotic cuisine.

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